How to Register mortgages and charges in SECP

Mortgages and charges must be register as per section 121 of the Companies Ordinance

How to Register mortgages and charges in SECP

(a) A mortgage or charge for the purpose of securing any issue of debentures
(b) A mortgage or charge on uncalled share capital of the company; or
(Uncalled share capital is the balance owing for shares that are issued partly
(c) a mortgage or charge on any immovable property wherever situate,or any interest therein; or
(d) a mortgage or charge on any book debts of the company; or

(e) A mortgage or charge, not being a pledge, on any movable property of the company; or
(f) A floating charge on the undertaking or property of the company,including stock-in-trade.

Which documents are required to be filed for registration of mortgage or charge?

  • Form 10
  • A Copy of instrument(s) creating the mortgage or charge
  • An Affidavit

What is the Registration charges of Mortgage or charge in SECP?

Fee (Can be pay via Online and offline) 11,000-Online fee PKR as today Jan-2024.

What do ‘instrument’ and evidence’ mean in this chapter?

An 'instrument' is a paper or electronic document that shows a mortgage or charge was created

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