Fbr Tax Return

FBR Tax Return

There are many types of fbr tax retruns

  • Annual Tax Retrun
  • Withholding Tax Retrun
  • 149 Salary Withholding Tax retruns
  • Monthly Sales Tax Retrun

Annual FBR Tax Retrun

Every Company and Individuals required tax filling annually.Deadline of annual tax retrun in Pakistan 30th September.

Withholding Tax Retrun

After paying taxes of vendors we need to file withholding tax retruns on quartely or biannual

Here are some key points related to Withholding Tax Return in Pakistan:

Types of Payments: Withholding tax is applicable to various types of payments, including salaries, dividends, interest, contractor payments, commission, and others.

  1. Tax Deduction Certificate (TDC): The payer issues a Tax Deduction Certificate (TDC) to the payee, indicating the amount of tax deducted at source.
  2. Online Filing: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan has introduced an online system for filing withholding tax returns. Taxpayers can use the FBR's online portal to submit their returns and related documents.
  3. Penalties for Non-Compliance: Failure to deduct withholding tax or failure to deposit the deducted amount to the tax authorities within the specified time can result in penalties and legal consequences. It's important for businesses and individuals involved in making payments subject to withholding tax in Pakistan to stay informed about the relevant tax rates, rules, and deadlines. Consulting with a tax professional or referring to official guidelines from the FBR can help ensure compliance with tax regulations.

149 Salary Withholding Tax retruns

In the Salary withholding retrun we declare all paid salary and taxes

Monthly Sales Tax Retrun

Monthly sales tax filing will be filed before the 18th of next month

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